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OXSIGHT’s smart glasses for visually impaired shortlisted for National Technology Awards

OXSIGHT’s smart glasses for visually impaired

OXSIGHT’s range of cutting-edge smart glasses which enhance the remaining vision of blind and visually impaired people have been shortlisted for the Technology for Good award at the National Technology Awards. The National Technology Awards celebrate the pioneers of new technology and excellence in the UK’s technology industry. The Technology for Good award is a new award for 2019, and celebrates organisations which are using technology to improve people’s lives.  

OXSIGHT’s smart glasses help people with peripheral vision loss, also known as ‘tunnel vision’, by using augmented reality and image interpretation technology to enhance their remaining vision. Peripheral vision loss can be caused by a number of sight conditions, including glaucoma, and retinitis pigmentosa.

OxSight extends range of smart glasses with launch of OxSight Crystal™

Family buying OxSight glasses

UK-based technology start-up OxSight has launched a new smart glasses device for people with visual impairments. The new OxSight Crystal glasses, like the existing OxSight Prism glasses, use revolutionary image interpretation technology and algorithms to enhance the remaining sight for people with peripheral vision loss and make users feel more confident in their surroundings. Both OxSight Crystal and OxSight Prism have been approved as medical devices, and are available through eye health clinicians across the UK. The OxSight Crystal glasses were officially launched at an OxSight community event in London on 24th November.