Cornish heritage attractions embrace British Sign Language

Women with heritage ability bags

Cornish heritage attractions embrace British Sign Language In celebration of Deaf Awareness week, three local Cornish heritage attractions have introduced brand new guided tours aimed at attracting more visitors from the Deaf Community. The new British Sign Language (BSL) guides aim to help Deaf BSL users gain a better understanding of the history of each of the sites and get more from their visit.

HearPeers support programme for people with hearing loss

HearPeers support programme for people with hearing loss

Finding out you have hearing loss can be a shock, the signs can be subtle and it may just creep up on you. If your loved one has been diagnosed you may not know how to help them or where to turn to for support. The HearPeers Mentor Programme is a community of hearing implant users and their family members who are dedicated to supporting individuals who may be going through the same experience.


There are more than 11 million people in the UK with some form of hearing loss – that’s one in six and research shows it takes ten years on average for people to address their problem.


Hearing loss charity encourages people to be proactive about their communication needs

The UK’s largest hearing loss charity Action on Hearing Loss is urging the 9million people in England who are deaf or have hearing loss to tell their GP what support they need to help them communicate

The call to the public comes as the charity launches its new campaign, ‘On the Record’, just under three weeks before the NHS England’s mandatory Accessible Information Standard comes into full force.

Sense Urges Government to Promote Life Chances for Disabled in Upcoming Queen’s Speech

Ahead of The Queen’s Speech, national deafblind charity, Sense, is calling on the Government to set out concrete plans to improve life chances and build opportunities for people with disabilities.

Sense, a charity which supports deafblind people and those with complex needs, considers that the Queen’s Speech is  a strong opportunity to deliver on the Government’s ambitious vision to break down barriers and increase opportunities for disabled people across the country.

Key areas of focus should be on ensuring that deafblind people and those with complex needs can access employment, and that disabled children can benefit from vital developmental opportunities through play.

Richard Kramer, Deputy Chief Executive for deafblind charity Sense, said: