Outcomes First Group ranked No.1

Outcomes First Group - Children playing boardgame

Outcomes First Group - a leading specialist provider of care and education services to children, young people and adults with autism, learning disabilities, complex and social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs -  has been ranked number one in Ofsted’s Inspection profiles of the largest private and voluntary providers of children’s homes with 35% of its 45 homes rated ‘Outstanding’ and 65%  rated ‘Good’.  

The organisation operates a national network of award-winning Department for Education registered therapeutic care homes and special schools through its Hillcrest and Options divisions. 

Care Management Group sold to AMP Capital by Court Cavendish

Court Cavendish

One of the UK’s leading high-quality providers of social care to people with learning disabilities - Care Management Group (CMG) - has today been sold to AMP Capital by Court Cavendish. Rothschild & Co and Pinsent Mason were advisers to Court Cavendish in this process.

Court Cavendish - the specialist Health and Social Care turnaround company owned by Dr Chai Patel CBE FRCP was brought in to assist CMG back in 2008 at a time when CMG was on the verge of bankruptcy and struggling with business-critical issues including high debt levels and poor quality care ratings.

Epsom Charity has specially adapted toys for disabled children on sale for Christmas

little boy with adapted toy

Epsom design charity MERU now offers a range of toys adapted so that an accessible button or switch will work them, and they’re still available in time for Christmas, but all year round too!

Young children learn how the world works through play – especially cause and effect. A lot of early years’ toys involve squeezing the toy or pushing a button and having something happen.

However, for many disabled children, this can be difficult, as they don’t have fine motor skills or may have other impairments. 

Motability charity boss to go after extra bonus revealed

Motability charity boss to go after extra bonus revealed

The boss of Motability Operations is to step down by 2020 following criticism over his pay and a scathing review from the government's spending watchdog.

The report from the National Audit Office revealed Mike Betts was in line for an extra £1.86m bonus on top of already "generous" pay.

The firm operates the Motability scheme which provides wheelchairs, cars and scooters to disabled people.

Mr Bett's level of pay was described as "obscene" by MP Frank Field.

Mr Field, who chairs Parliament's Work and Pensions Committee, said it was "beyond appalling to learn that money that could have been used to improve the lives of disabled people will be lining his pockets instead".

Importance of taking part in activities when you have a disability

Activities when you have a disability

The term disability covers a wide range of conditions and impairments, but it can be anything which can affect a person’s everyday living. This can include mental, physical, cognitive or developmental impairments. 

It is important that people living with a disability have access to a wide variety of activities which help to improve their everyday quality of life. 


Physical Wellbeing

Physical exercise can be a huge challenge for someone who is living with a disability, and this is not just restricted to those with limited mobility. Exercise can seem like a daunting task which is why inclusive sports and activities should be offered widely in the community. 

Giving Peace Of Mind That Loved Ones Are In A Safe Environment

Kinderkey safe environment

The Bearhugzzz SpaceSaver Bed provides a soft, yet strong and safe environment for sleep, play and relaxation. Suitable for vulnerable children and adults, it is designed to accommodate the needs of people with autism, Angelman syndrome, epilepsy, challenging behaviour and multiple learning difficulties.

It can help to eliminate poor sleep patterns and provide safety for those who wake during the night. A major benefit is the bed’s ability to withstand vigorous behaviour, thanks to its soft padded sides which protect the user against injury. The steel walls are covered by soft foam with a waterproof, wipe- clean, antimicrobial fabric that is available in a range of beautiful patterns and colours.

Training Provider Launches Mental Health First Aid England Training Course

Mental Health First Aid England Training Course

Statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that 526,000 workers suffered from work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17, with 12.5m working days lost. In response to this and the growing need for having trained Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) in the workplace, Health and Safety Training / Consultancy provider Live For Work has launched its first course centred around the mental health and well-being of workers.

The MHFA England training course is designed to teach people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first-aid basis.

NewVIc dedicated in book about battling severe dyslexia

Front cover of dyslexia book

Expert support and dedication changed Harvinder's life. In the past class teachers may have been confused by the student whose consistent underachievement seems due to what may look like carelessness or lack of effort. Harvinder enrolled at NewVIc in 2010 to the Level 2 Childcare course. He demonstrated a huge passion for working with children. During his initial interview he raised concerns about his struggles with reading and writing. Having had no previous assessments, he was assessed and diagnosed as being one of the most severely dyslexic students at NewVIc.

Majestic Bingo breaks fundraising record for children’s charity, Variety

Majestic Bingo breaks fundraising record

Dizzying abseils, skydives, log flume marathons, bike rides and raft races are just a few of the exciting activities customers of Majestic Bingo Limited indulged in to raise money for Variety, the Children’s Charity. 

The 16 bingo clubs of Majestic Bingo Limited raised a grand total of £132,063.81 over four years for Variety. The average sum of money raised per club has been over £2,000, each year, every year, for four years – the highest of any bingo organisation supporting Variety, the industry’s nominated charity.

Of this feat, Mark Jepp, Managing Director of Majestic Bingo, said: “It’s all down to our dedicated clubs and their generous customers, we can’t thank them enough. 

An accessibility guide to Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle Tulip Maze

Arundel Castle in West Sussex is both an ancient castle and a stately home. Set high on a hill, the Castle has commanded the striking landscape of the South Downs for nearly ten centuries. 

Access to the Castle 

There is Blue Badge allocated parking in the car park near the Ticket Office, which is at the bottom of the hill at the main entrance. There is level access to the Ticket Office, however a steep incline to reach the Castle. A buggy is available to take visitors up the hill and can be arranged by asking a member of staff upon arrival at the Ticket Office. 

Self-assessing back pain by app just as effective as traditional methods, study shows

man with back pain

Patients can assess their own back pain using an app on their phone or tablet as effectively as current paper methods, a new study from the University of Warwick has shown.

The study, published in the open access journal Journal of Medical Internet Research, demonstrates that digital versions of established measurements for assessing back pain are just as reliable and responsive, opening the possibility for their use by patients for routine measurements and clinical trials.

The researchers see this study as a necessary first step in the greater use of digital media in clinical settings, in light of recent calls for greater use of such technology by healthcare providers.

Older People's Charity Offers New Long-Term Health Conditions Guide

Older People's Charity Offers New Long-Term Health Conditions Guide

With 58 per cent of people over 60 living with long-term health conditions* Independent Age, the older people’s charity, has been listening to older people who have been advising on the issues they regularly deal with but find difficult to manage. Working with older people plus GPs and other health professionals the charity has developed a new advice guide to address their needs.  

OxSight extends range of smart glasses with launch of OxSight Crystal™

Family buying OxSight glasses

UK-based technology start-up OxSight has launched a new smart glasses device for people with visual impairments. The new OxSight Crystal glasses, like the existing OxSight Prism glasses, use revolutionary image interpretation technology and algorithms to enhance the remaining sight for people with peripheral vision loss and make users feel more confident in their surroundings. Both OxSight Crystal and OxSight Prism have been approved as medical devices, and are available through eye health clinicians across the UK. The OxSight Crystal glasses were officially launched at an OxSight community event in London on 24th November. 

We wish you an autism friendly Christmas: helping those with autism during the festive season

autism friendly Christmas

Bright twinkling lights, carols, meeting new people, eating different foods...sound like a perfect Christmas? For people on the autistic spectrum, Christmas can be a stressful time and not the welcome break that most people enjoy. For most people these are things that make Christmas so special, however, for an individual with autism these are the very factors that make Christmas so difficult and a time to get through as quickly as possible. 

Appello launches new app, tackles social isolation

Man suffering from social isolation until introduced to the AppelloApp

Today, as part of its digital service, Smart Living Solutions, Appello launches its app, the AppelloApp​, to help older people remain safe and secure in their own homes, whilst staying connected.

The AppelloApp allows residents to video call their friends and neighbours, and manage video door entry without leaving the comfort of their armchairs – decreasing the likelihood of falls and accidents. The app will also provide a medication reminder hub, allowing residents to take ownership of their medication schedule and providing reassurance to their family and caregivers.

How A WC Is Helping One Man Get His Privacy Back

WC Closmat Asana

When electrician Kyle McAdam Whyte arranged to go out with friends four years ago, he little realised the consequences: it would involve him losing even his ability to go to the loo without help.

The car in which he was passenger was involved in an accident, which left Kyle unconscious and with life-changing injuries. High level spinal damage has left him unable to do most things for himself- even daily activities such as going to the toilet. So, he has used some of his compensation to adapt his family home, and install the latest in smart toilet technology- a Closomat Asana.

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium launches £30,000 Changing Places fundraising campaign

Family happy about the Changing Places fundraising campaign

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium has launched a £30,000 public appeal to fund the installation of a registered Changing Places toilet, an essential facility for many people with disabilities.

This new fundraising campaign was launched by Finn from Twyford, who has cerebral palsy, his family, and Steve Brine MP – Minister for Public Health and Primary Care.

Designed, Sealed, Delivered - The Blackwood Design Awards

The Blackwood Design Awards

THE SEARCH to find the brightest and best innovations to help people with disabilities has been launched by a leading care provider. The Blackwood Design Awards are an annual celebration of cutting edge designs and adaptations which help people with disabilities live life independently.

The Awards are open to all, with talented amateurs having as much chance of success as a seasoned pro, as both simple and high-tech designs are welcome.

It boasts a rich history of success, with previous entries including the ‘S’up Spoon’, which enables people with shaky hands to eat more easily, as well as a design for glasses which allow visually impaired runners to follow a running track.