Mobility Solutions deliver Cabin Car – a world-first in scooter technology

February 12, 2018

The first brand-new Cabin Car mobility scooter has been delivered to a happy customer, who is set to enjoy features including reverse camera parking sensors.

Mrs Jordan in Knightswood, Glasgow, is is delighted with her purchase from Mobility Solutions. It is the world’s first scooter with reverse camera parking sensors, remote central locking and a heater. In fact, the Cabin Car has many comforts of a car whilst still being a mobility scooter.

Mrs Jordan said, “I’ve been telling everyone about it, all of my friends are desperate to see it and I can’t wait to show it off.

“All of the features will help me so much, if I was going out before I would have to wrap up with lots of layers but now I can just turn the heating on!”

Sarah from Mobility Solutions is pleased to have been involved in the process, from initial demonstration through to delivery.

She said, “The Cabin Car is a real head turner and packed with features, it’s just like a little car. A truly great part of my job is seeing our customers so happy and excited, and I know how much of a difference it will make to her.”

mobility solutions cabin car on road

The Cabin Car is easy to use and just like a car

Kieron Macfarlane, retail manager at Mobility Solutions, tells us why the Cabin Car is a great option for people with mobility issues…

Why would you recommend the Cabin Car to those with mobility issues?

The Cabin Car has been designed from the ground up to be the perfect mobility scooter – it’s range and ease of operation are perfect even for users who lack fine motor control. The stylish design stands out from the crowd and the range of options including custom colours, upgraded batteries and sports seat all combine to make it the ultimate in mobility vehicles.

How do the features of the Cabin Car help improve lives?

The Scooterpac Cabin Car is designed to solve many of the issues faced daily by people with mobility problems. Standard equipment includes reversing cameras and extra large wing mirrors to aids visibility without the need to turn the head or body. The internal heater keeps the car warm in even the snowiest weather, allowing users with arthritis and other temperature-aggravated conditions to travel pain-free all year round.

How is the Cabin Car powered and how long can it be driven for?

Driven by a powerful 1400w motor and dual 75Ah batteries (100Ah upgrades available), the Cabin Car has the speed and endurance to cover 22 miles and that jumps to 30 miles if you upgrade the batteries.

What kind of discounts/funding can people with mobility issues get to save on the cost price (£8,998 inc VAT)?

Because the Cabin Car is designed from the ground up as a mobility scooter it falls under the standard Class 3 regulations for mobility products – that means no driving licence, tax or insurance are required. Funding for the Cab Car can be secured from any source that would fund a “traditional” mobility scooter, whether that is government grants, charitable donations or mobility/Motability schemes.

mobility solutions Cabin Car on van

The Cabin Car is available to purchase on, or to discuss the various payment plans and optional extras, email


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