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Stairlifts for disabled children

As Stairlift Experts, we hear from people every day looking for a solution to assist them in climbing stairs, something we all take for granted. 

Whilst it’s true that most of us may not need a stairlift until later in life, there are many people who, unfortunately, will. From post-op recovery and stroke victims to those with bariatric conditions, chronic breathing issues and a whole host of other debilitating mobility problems.

Stairlifts are not new technology, they’ve been around for decades and for most adults they’re a great solution. 

But what if you have a child with a disability? Will a regular stairlift be a viable solution?

stairlift with child seat

Perhaps. Assuming they’re tall enough for their feet to reach the footplate, big enough for the lap belt to secure them adequately, and able-bodied enough to sit upright, unaided, for the duration of the stairlift’s journey.

For most young disabled children, this isn’t the case.

Thankfully, there is a solution.

Stairlift manufacturers have partnered with a world-leading developer of innovative assistive devices and patient-handling equipment to produce a specialist stairlift complete with a seat designed to hold the child securely and change shape as the child develops. It’s highly configurable and provides tailored support to fit individual needs. It can be adjusted in seat width and depth, and back width and height to ensure a tailored fit with a high level of comfort.

Of course, there are other solutions such as a through-floor-lift (TFL) which is the most convenient solution if your child is a wheelchair/powerchair user but this comes at a huge cost and assumes your home has the space to install a vertical TFL.

It is crucial to recognise that every child’s needs are unique and comprehensive assessments and consultations with healthcare professionals or occupational therapists are highly recommended when making modifications to the home. By working together, caregivers, families, and professionals can ensure that the home environment becomes a supportive and nurturing space where disabled children can thrive, explore, and grow with confidence. 

If you are a parent of a disabled child looking for a safe and comfortable solution to assist with stairs or considering a stairlift for yourself or your loved one, get in touch today, we are here to help. We provide impartial advice and can arrange free home surveys to obtain highly competitive quotes.

Images courtesy of Stairlift Experts

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