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Tyler Saunders – Your disability doesn’t define you

As the Tokyo Paralympics begins, here at Ucan2 magazine we are talking to people from across the UK who have not let their disabilities hold them back. Once such person is Tyler Saunders a Maximuscle fitness expert and ambassador, his story is an inspiration to us all.

Introducing Tyler Saunders

My name is Tyler Saunders. I’m 38 years old and work as a Personal Trainer, online Fitness Coach and Maximuscle ambassador.

I’m not like most PT’s – I was born with my right leg missing from the hip, and don’t wear a prosthetic to hide it.

For most of my younger years I wore the prosthetic to fit in and look ‘normal’, as a kid back then it wasn’t that cool to be ‘different’. Growing up I was the only person with a disability I knew so blending in was a high priority for me. 

In my early 20’s I made the transition to using crutches full time, and as challenging it was from a self-conscious standpoint, it was actually liberating because I wasn’t in pain all the time.

Tyler Saunders

I discovered wheelchair basketball in 2007 which helped change my life for the better. I joined the GB Men’s Senior Squad in 2008 (after Beijing) and was in the program until 2015, where my career took a new path and led me to the fitness industry.

Even after gaining my qualification, I didn’t think people would take me seriously as a PT due to my impaired mobility.

But was I wrong!

The fact that despite my disability, I was still able to live an active life, look after my body and not let my physical limitation dictate what I could/couldn’t do – made people want to work with me. People would say to me ‘If you can do it, then what’s my excuse?’

People with disabilities are doing amazing things in the world right now. I’m happy that we live in a time where we are able to see first-hand what incredible beings we all are. With the Tokyo Paralympics due soon, it again will be a chance for the athletes to show the world how awesome we actually are.

If you’re a PWD (person with a disability) and want to get into some sort of sport, there’s no better time than now. With the power of the Internet and social media it’s never been easier to discover and take part in recreational (and potentially Elite) sport!

I still play Wheelchair Basketball. I’m going to try Amputee Football. I’m about to try Brazilian Ju Jitsu. I’ve done Tough Mudders & Spartan Races. I’ve competed at the National Fitness Games multiple times. I’ve been on ITV’s Ninja Warrior. Life is all about challenges and we become better versions of ourselves through challenge.

‘The only disability in life is a bad attitude’

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