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Geberit AquaClean Case Study: Billie Orfanelli Turner

Billie Turner from Manchester has Cerebral palsy, a motor disability leaving her wheelchair bound and relying on her parents. The installation of a shower toilet, AquaClean, in her home has returned Billie’s privacy and dignity, which her mother says has given her a whole new independence. The AquaClean from Geberit has been a vital part of independent living for a lot of people like Billie.

geberit aquaclean mera care accessible toilet

Billie’s Story

22-year-old Billie lives with her parents in Greater Manchester and has a motor condition which affects her ability to move and maintain balance and posture. Billie spends all day in a wheelchair which can leave her feeling uncomfortable and clammy. Before the AquaClean Billie’s parents would have to clean and dry her, leaving her without privacy and having a negative impact on her sense of wellbeing and dignity.

Billie’s parents had begun installing a wet room to increase her independence when Billie’s friend, who is also disabled recommended an AquaClean. Billie’s Occupational Therapist further recommended the installation of a shower toilet, knowing that this would enable Billie to clean herself independently after going to the toilet and give her wellbeing a boost. 

The Solution 

Following the recommendation of the Occupational Therapist, Billie’s parents, although dubious at first, installed the shower toilet. Since it’s installation alongside the fitting of the wet room in their home, they have seen a dramatic change in their daughter’s mood.

Stylish and innovative, the Geberit AquaClean Mera Care toilet features an oscillating spray arm that cleans at the touch of a button with a jet of warm water and a warm air dryer, offering Billie ease of cleaning after using the toilet

Geberit AquaClean Mera Care 

Geberit aquaclean shower toilet

​In addition to an oscillating spray and warm air dryer, the Geberit AquaClean Mera Care toilet boasts a host of additional features to aid personal hygiene and help users like Billie to live a more independent life, including an automatic flush function via user detection, remote control, programmable user profiles for multiple users, and a continuous flow heater for constant warm water.

Geberit has taken every ounce of its 150 years of experience in helping to understand the wants and needs of its customers and put that into creating a product that can make a guaranteed difference to the way customers live day in day out.

Everything is designed with comfort and convenience in mind, and the Geberit development team is constantly evolving and enhancing every aspect of the product to ensure it meets the needs of the customer. 

Billie’s mother, Kim says: “It’s such a relief that there is no longer a struggle, and she doesn’t have to rely on others to be hygienic, she feels fresh all the time now.”

The Future 

Since the installation of the Geberit Mera Care toilet Billie is able to rely less on her parents and enjoy some privacy and independence. This has boosted her sense of wellbeing and the change in her emotions can be seen by everyone around her. 

Billie’s mother stated: “Billies mood has changed 100 percent. She feels so much better in herself now that she has privacy and it’s given her a whole new independence, it’s amazing.

The toilet has made a big difference in my daughter’s life and to her mood, its brilliant. Thank you for having such a great toilet, thank you so much.”

More Details

Want to learn more about the shower toilet, AquaClean from Geberit? Check out other case studies such as the AbleStay story here and see how this solution to independent living has improved the lives of others.

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