Have you got the Changing Places Toilet Finder app?

Changing Places Tom

Tom Gordon, who has a background as a master locksmith, produces RADAR keys for accessible loos and has developed an app to find your nearest Changing Places. Here, he speaks to UCan2 editor Victoria Galligan about why the UK falls short when it comes to Changing Places…

What are the different types of accessible toilets and what is the difference between them? (Changing Places, disabled access, Space2Change etc)

Revitalise praises Eastenders for tackling disability issue

National disabled people’s charity Revitalise has praised Eastenders for tackling the issue of non-disabled people using disabled toilets and parking spaces with little regard for the needs of disabled people.

The charity is citing its own study which backs up the issues raised. In an echo of what Revitalise’s study found, the Eastenders characters Donna Yates, who is a wheelchair user, and Kim Fox were seen arguing over the ethics of non-disabled people using facilities set aside for the convenience of disabled people – and the resultant inconvenience and frustration this causes.