wheelAIR are calling all wheelchair sports teams!

May 18, 2018

wheelAir are looking for wheelchair sports teams to take part in a short demonstration of their cooling wheelchair backrest cushions.

The cushions are for manual wheelchairs and the talks will include a 15-minute taster session, plus the opportunity to buy in bulk and receive a team deal. 

wheelAIR was devised by Corien Staels of Staels Design in Scotland, and has become a hit after being backed by Paralympians – including Scottish archer Nathan MacQueen – and featuring on Dragons’ Den. 

wheelAIR offers both cooling and extra support. Its patent-pending technology, based on increasing convective and evaporative heat loss, allows you to help regulate your core body temperature through a combination of moisture wicking fabrics and guided air flow.  

Non-intrusive, adjustable and silent air flow guides the heat and moisture away from your body, leaving you cool and refreshed. 

Carefully selected antibacterial coated fabrics and foams enhance your back support, instantly improving posture and comfort. 

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