Who cares!? The benefits and opportunities of a career in care

July 21, 2017

A career in the care sector can be rewarding and offer the chance for personal and professional development. Professional care workers do an invaluable job of providing help and support to those in need of support. If you enjoy helping others and you’re looking for a diverse, flexible career with ongoing training and the chance for personal and professional growth, the care sector could be the perfect choice for you. Award-winning home care agency SweetTree Home Care Services reveals eight reasons why a career in care can be a good choice:

It’s rewarding on many levels

It’s a chance to help people and develop a career at the same time, while offering you an opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of others. ‘Home care offers people a wonderful opportunity to do something meaningful in their lives,’ says SweetTree Founder Barry Sweetbaum. Simply put, you get to make a difference to the lives of others while earning a living.

It provides diversity

There are many different types of care roles available. ‘There’s direct care, where we work with people who require help and support, but there’s also other roles within the care industry, such as accounting, catering or organising activities,’ says Barry. ‘The care sector gives people an incredible range of career options.’

Hours and roles are flexible

You can choose to start off as a carer or in a housekeeping service in a care home and then progress to a higher level. If you begin your career as a carer you may go on to become a care home manager or a domiciliary branch manager. ‘It’s flexible, there’s a tremendous opportunity to learn on the job and huge career progression opportunities because there’s so much training focus within the care sector,’ says Barry.

You don’t always need an academic background

Unlike many other professions, the care industry is a sector where you won’t necessarily be judged on an academic background. Positivity, compassion, dedication and a can-do attitude are some of the core requirements in becoming a carer. Barry says: ‘It sounds simplistic but we want to see someone who is empathetic to the needs of others, someone who really wants to make an impact and a difference to the lives of those they are caring for. Somebody who is outgoing and willing to put themselves out to help others.’

Training is consistent and extensive

If you work in the care industry you will receive training, which is likely to be ongoing. SweetTree prides itself on extensive staff training and has a team of clinical experts including a full-time Admiral Nurse and an end-of-life care expert to ensure staff are well prepared for their roles. ‘Everybody who joins us comes into our induction programme,’ says Barry. ‘This way they understand the organisation they're working with so that their way of working and their philosophy of care is aligned with the organisation and that helps to ensure the greatest level of success.’

This training builds confidence. ‘People need to feel confident in the role they are doing,’ adds Barry. ‘They are making a huge difference in somebody’s life and they are relied on to make that difference, so ensuring that staff feel confident in what they do is crucial. It also frees up a lot of emotional capacity to support those in need of help.’

You’re judged on personal qualitiescarer.jpg

‘We look for people with an interest in serving others,’ says Barry. ‘We want people who care about the world around them who aspire to make the world a better place. We want people who have an interest in engaging and supporting others.’

Staff support is considerable

At SweetTree, staff always have someone to turn to for advice and support. ‘Our staff are never left on their own to struggle,’ says Barry. ‘If anybody needs any advice there’s always someone for them to speak to 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at all different levels.’

You can develop your career

As roles are diverse and training is usually ongoing, there are opportunities to be promoted. SweetTree prides itself on encouraging its staff to develop their careers. ‘One member of staff who has just joined us in the office has been a support worker for us in each of the different services for 14 years,’ says Barry. ‘She worked up from an older person services to working in dementia to working in brain injuries and learning disabilities and now she is working in the office. She is a great example of what's possible within the SweetTree world.


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