Which Door Entry Systems Suit You?

August 17, 2017

Norman Niven Chief Executive of telmenow.com, a company which offers technology products for independent living, discusses the different door entry systems available to help the user feel more secure at home. 


There is a vast array of door entry systems on the market and, depending on what level of monitoring you are looking for, something will be available to help with additional safety precautions.


Whether you need a gadget for your own peace of mind, or if it is for a loved one and you want to provide that extra sense of security, there should be something or a combination of products which suit your needs. 


You can attach a sensor to doors and windows that will notify you when they have been opened. If it is an unexpected visit, you can check in to make sure your loved one is okay, or if norman nivenit is in your own home, you can be alerted in advance if an intruder is entering. A gadget, such as the WiFi door sensor, connects to your smart phone and sends you alerts every time the door or window opens. There are a few similar sensors available which all have varying alarm systems that you can adapt to your specific needs.


Of course, there is always the option to install a security camera, but you can up the ante by choosing one that offers live streaming and video capture with storage. Not only is it an excellent deterrent for unwanted visitors but you can see who is at the door before you or a loved one opens it. A camera, such as the HD iCamera also has a motion and sound alarm, and you can listen to the conversation a potential guest is having with your loved one. It helps you to relax knowing it is someone you can trust and alternatively you can act accordingly if you are worried about the person stood at your family member’s door. 


As a final act of reassurance, install a button by the door that can be pressed in an emergency if you or your loved one feels threatened by a caller. A simple but discreet switch can be positioned in a reachable location next to the door and can be pressed if the user needs to call for help. A silent alarm is then sent to a monitoring centre and actions can be taken to ensure the resident is safe and comfortable in their own home. The Bogus Caller Button is perfect for this. 


There are many ways to ensure your doorways and windows remain secure, to find out about all of the different products on the market visit www.telmenow.com 

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