Top tips for road safety this winter from the Motability Scheme

November 21, 2016


Now the clocks have gone back and a frosty chill has settled in, the Motability Scheme has shared its advice for driving safely this winter.

This winter driving checklist coincides with the annual Road Safety Week initiative (21-27 November) and has been compiled with Motability Scheme customers in mind. 

Plan ahead:

• Aim to stick to main roads that will have been gritted and allow extra time in icy conditions.

• Check the weather forecast as well as online traffic reports before setting off to be aware of road conditions. If the weather conditions are severe or heavy snow is forecast, consider whether your journey is essential.

• Plan for any eventuality by ensuring you have enough warm clothes, food, drink and a blanket in the car in case of an emergency.

• Invest in an in-car mobile charger and ensure your phone is fully charged before setting off, in case of a breakdown. 

Ensure good vision:

• Wipe down all lights, number plates and windows before setting off, to maximise your visibility to other road users also ensure all bulbs are working.

• When de-icing your windscreen, be mindful that hot water could cause the glass to crack – use a scraping tool or de-icing spray.

• Don’t use the windscreen wipers until all the ice has been removed as it could damage them.

• Never leave your car unattended with the engine running whilst waiting for windows to defrost. 

Check your tyres:notability operations

• If you live in a remote part of the UK or an area prone to extreme weather conditions, consider whether snow tyres, chains or all-season tyres could be beneficial. If so, Kwik Fit can help fit these for a supplementary fee.

• Check the tyre pressure before every long journey and ensure they have sufficient tread depth. Whilst these are checked as standard in every service, customers concerned that they may be reaching their limit can contact Kwik Fit for peace of mind. 

On the road:

• Adapt your driving to winter conditions; reduce your speed, allow more time to brake and accelerate, and leave extra room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. Remember that stopping distances can be ten times longer in snowy or icy conditions.

• Should you start to skid, calmly steer the car in the direction you want the car to go.

• Use your headlights when visibility is compromised and remember to switch off fog lights once visibility improves. 

The Motability Scheme provides disabled customers with worry-free motoring all year round thanks to a lease package that includes vehicle servicing and maintenance, replacement tyres, window and windscreen replacement plus RAC breakdown cover.

Please visit for more information, or call 0800 953 7000..  


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