The most rigorous regime to test maximum weight capacity is applied by Pressalit Care to give ultimate peace of mind and confidence to users of its range of accessible bathroom products.

Pressalit Care’s washroom and sanitary ware is specifically designed to improve bathroom use for those with limited mobility. Its products, many of which can be adjusted vertically or horizontally for greatest flexibility, include shower seats, washbasins, arm rests and handrails, with each put through rigorous testing procedures to ensure it is able to withstand even the most extreme real-life situations.

“Our products are pushed to the limit in development,” says Andrew Lowndes, UK Sales Manager for Pressalit Care. “That means we can guarantee the performance of our bathroom furniture as safety for users and carers is always paramount.”

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Pressalit Care’s testing involves three important elements – dynamic, static and lateral – so covering all potential stress points where users may rely on the products for full weight-bearing support.

Each product has its own individual test procedure. On a support arm, for example, the load which the product can withstand increases the further back towards the supporting wall it is tested. For this reason, Pressalit Care always states the lowest values on the product detail.

“With obesity levels in the UK more than trebling over the last thirty years, it’s more important than ever before that there is total confidence in the ability of our bathroom products to do the job they are being asked to do. This testing procedure demonstrates our commitment to providing confidence and peace of mind to our customers.”

The testing procedures are carried out at Pressalit Care’s state of the art facilities in Denmark.

Pressalit Care advises that all its products are mounted on a solid wall, and recommends reinforcement of a wall if it is not stable. More information and stockists for Pressalit Care’s range, visit or email

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