National charity Limbcare celebrates seven years of helping the limb impaired

June 12, 2017

National charity Limbcare, which supports amputees across the UK, is celebrating seven years of helping amputees, the limb impaired and their families to cope with their life changing circumstances. During its lifetime, Limbcare has raised over £400,000 and dealt with enquiries as far afield as America, Africa and Australia. It has helped well over 1,000 people deal with their changing circumstances. Limbcare provides support with everything from personal issues to how to access benefits, home adaptation advice, mobility advice and gives emotional support to those going through this life changing experience. But despite everything that has been achieved, there is still so much more to do.

Ray Edwards MBE, Founder of Limbcare and the longest surviving quad amputee in the UK, commented: “During the past seven years we have achieved a huge amount in helping raise the profile of this part of our community within the UK; but there is still so much more to do.  We run a Limb Loss Support Group at a few ray edwards mberehabilitation centres around the country, but it is my aim to role this out nationwide so that everyone who experiences limb loss can have the practical and emotional support that they require right from the outset. Diabetes and meningitis are playing an ever increasing role in our society, with growing numbers of people in the UK being affected by limb loss and this trend is set to continue. We are also seeing more and more requests from other parts of the world for mobility aid re-cycling to be increased, so that we can help as many people as possible have access to otherwise un-used good quality limb aids, if not at home, then abroad. I am so proud of what we have achieved so far, but we must also look forward and continue to be determined to support this growing section of our society.”


Limbcare is a fast growing charity and is constantly looking for volunteers up and down the country to help with PR, fundraising, travel and administrative support. If you think you can help please visit -  to find out more and get in touch.

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