Breakfast meeting to celebrate supported housing at Scunthorpe

August 30, 2017

Creative Support North Lincolnshire joins national campaign day to celebrate supported housing.

Creative Support is highlighting the contribution supported housing makes to North Lincolnshire as part of today's Starts at Home day.

Starts at Home, now in its second year and run by the National Housing Federation, celebrates how this housing helps hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people regain their independence and confidence.

supported-housingHousing associations provide a wide range of vital supported housing services including sheltered accommodation, refuges or domestic violence victims, homelessness shelters and housing for those with disabilities.

Creative Support's support comes as uncertainty surrounds the future funding of housing. The commitment to opportunity, choice and wellbeing to all service users, be it with learning disabilities, mental health needs, with autistic spectrum conditions or struggling with homelessness or housing needs goes above and beyond.

supported-housing-1As part of the campaign, Creative Support invited local MP Nic Dakin for a breakfast meeting on Friday 1st, 9:30 am. Service users are going to talk about personal experiences, calling on the MP to champion supported housing in Parliament.

David Orr, Chief Executive at the National Housing Federation said:

"Supported housing helps people to live independently and achieve their aspirations in a safe and secure home. It is a critical time for this kind of housing; we must highlight how vital a lifeline it is to so many vulnerable people and show Government why supported housing should be put on a secure and sustainable footing for the future.



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