Lagooni shower-toilet wheelchairs: customisation, flexibility and lots of freedom of movement


Lagooni BV was established by Paul Kampshoff. An industrial designer with South African roots, Paul had been working as an industrial designer for his own company Vision XP for several years before he started Lagooni. At Vision XP he also developed products for functionally impaired people. He relies on his own experiences for his designs.


His paraplegia has made Paul acutely aware that available resources and aids are sometimes very

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incompatible with functional disabilities. He constantly challenges himself to transform these issues into properly usable aids and resources. One such outcome is the design for the Lagooni shower-toilet wheelchair. A comfortable equivalent of the often ungainly and unwieldy chairs available on the market.

Beautifully carefree’ is the motto of Lagooni BV. Less care because of personal freedom, allowing you

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to function as well and independent as possible, to sit comfortably and without problems, or to broaden your world (once again) by finally having a carefree holiday... Lagooni BV is the only company in the world that designs, manufactures and sells customised shower-toilet wheelchairs without a stigmatising design that are also easy to transport, without the use of tools. The need for this product is so enormous that the whole world is more or less waiting... because there is still so much you are able to do when you have the right aids, even if you have a serious disability.

The Lagooni shower-toilet wheelchairs are available in seven different models. These differences ensure that there is always one model perfect

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for your needs. Each model has the 5 basic Lagooni quality features: (1) great agility (even in small spaces), (2) user-friendly adjustment options, (3) beautiful design and functional curved shape, (4) lightweight and (5) many customisation options.

The Lagooni Compact is especially remarkable and can be equipped both as a self-propelled and transit-propelled model, for children and adults. The Lagooni Compact can be used in the home, if desired in combination with a Life, Life Special, Junior or Extra lower frame and is also easy to take along when travelling, in a matching suitcase, which means that even holidays by air become possible again.

For more information, please visit: or send an e-mail to Lagooni at or call us on (+ 31) (0) 174-281551.

Lagooni will also be present at the Rehacare in hall 3, stand 3C45.

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