10 Great Apps for Accessibility

July 11, 2017

The loss of one (or more) of the human senses, or difficulties in communicating with the world around you, can severely hamper your quality of life. When it’s a constant struggle to communicate something that you need, you will cling to any assistance you can obtain, whether that’s a sign language interpreter or a text-to-speech pad. Overcoming such obstacles is now easier than ever, thanks to the introduction of so many practical apps to help people with difficulties such as impaired hearing or vision, developmental delays, dementia and paraplegia. 

For visually impaired users, apps like Be My Eyes and Tap, Tap, See are essential. The former connects users with fully-sighted volunteers who can describe the setting around the blind user wherever he/she points the phone camera, while the latter can identify common household objects when the user double-taps the screen to take a photo of an object.

People suffering from dementia could benefit greatly from apps such as Medisafe and It’s Done. Medisafe is an excellent catalogue of a person’s medication, prompting them to take the necessary medication when required and describing it in a manner that is simple to understand. It’s Done is a reminder app which tracks important daily tasks and informs you whether they have been completed.

This infographic from Home Healthcare Adaptations 

http://www.home-healthcare-adaptations.ie/stairlifts-dublin/ picks out 10 apps which provide much-needed accessibility for people with various disabilities. Even able-bodied audiences will appreciate how clever and helpful these apps can be, so imagine how beneficial and essential they are to people who need such assistance. Every person on the planet deserves to enjoy the world to its fullest, and while that’s impossible, at least the apps featured below will help to redress the imbalance to some extent.


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