Bathrooms for the less able

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Modern fittings make designing stylish and accessible bathrooms easier than ever before.

Providing bathrooms that are accessible and appealing to both able and less able is a design challenge.  Less able does not just mean those who are registered disabled where specific facilities such as bath hoists may be needed but the many who suffer less serious problems that can make life difficult. Although it is true to say that accessible bathrooms can be ugly, this does not have to be the case. Choosing the right, well designed fittings can make life easy for less able users without spoiling the visual appeal of the room or limiting its use.

How I was able to go to a festival whilst living with chronic illness

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"I need travel and adventure so damn much. I need it for my happiness, my well-being and my soul. I feel stuck and miserable without this" - my festival experience living with a chronic illness.

I spent the ages of 16-24 living and working abroad as much as possible, as well as driving around the UK and living in my van, too. As a kid we were always on adventures, hitching around other countries or heading to camps and communities. For the last five years, due to my health, I’ve only lived in Bristol. I have hardly left the city. I’ve grieved, and still do grieve, this every single day.

All change for the Pembroke five

Matthew, Michael, Reuben, James and Alison

It’s all change at Wren Park, a service for people with an acquired brain injury, with five of the service’s long-standing tenants having developed their independent living skills to the point where they are now able to move out into their own homes in the community.


Heather Jupp, who currently leads the team at this specialist Surrey rehabilitation service, says: “Matthew, Michael, James, Alison and Reuben have all lived at Wren Park for quite a few years so we’re going to miss them very much, but for every one of them it’s a fantastic success to be able to reclaim their independence in this way.”


Saucepan designed by student to help elderly people with arthritis stay independent


A saucepan to help elderly people with arthritis keep their independence has been designed by a student who was inspired by her grandparents.

Emma Bucknell, a BA (Hons) Product Design student at Nottingham Trent University, has designed the saucepan to make cooking more comfortable for people who have arthritis in their fingers, hands and wrists.

It has been made with a plastic handle on one side so users can slide their hand through it, meaning the saucepan can be lifted using the strength in the arm rather than in the hand.

The design of the handle aims to reduce the weight and pressure that is put on people’s fingers and hands when they lift saucepans, which traditionally have straight handles.

Effects of CES on childhood autism beneficial according to new study

effects of CES

UK autism expert and neuroscientist, Dr Lorene Amet conducted a pilot evaluation to determine the effects of the Alpha-Stim Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) device on children with autism...

Dr Amet comments, “This is a small scale evaluation, but it has been very beneficial to reduce issues related to anxiety, sleep and pain. There was a diminution of restricted, repetitive, self-stimulatory behaviours: hand flapping and twirling both in frequency and intensity. The effects of CES were that children improved physically, and became more engaged.”

Low Intensity Vibration therapy for care home residents launches in UK

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Marodyne is a new, medically-approved device that uses low-intensity vibration (LIV) to safely deliver gentle and consistent vertical vibrations to help restore motion to joints, redevelop muscles, facilitate bone healing, increase bone mineral density, prevent and reverse the complications of osteoporosis and ease osteoarthritis.

The path to sporting glory - top tips for athletes with an injury from The Unlimited Company

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Whether you are inspired by the World Para Athletic Championships, a lapsed athlete or just looking to get fit, the warm summer months are a perfect time to get into, or back into, sports. For those with an injury, leading mobility and disability retailer, The Unlimited Company has a list of top tips to help you stay safe.

Blind teenager given the opportunity to learn to drive

Blind teenager given the opportunity to learn to drive

UWE student, blind for 12 years, takes driving lessons with Young Driver at Cribbs Causeway
Like many 19-year olds, Abdul-Azeez Balogun likes being behind the wheel of a car.
But, surprisingly, Abdul is completely blind in both eyes.
His dream of controlling a car is being realised thanks to Young Driver, which has been teaching Abdul at its Cribbs Causeway venue in Bristol.
Young Driver offers driving lessons to anyone aged 10 and over – including those with disabilities, which may mean they will never be able to legally drive on the roads. Because Young Driver lessons take place on private property, normal restrictions do not apply.

Pocket Nook maintain ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating, providing ‘a warm, caring environment that is a home in its truest sense’

Together Trust residential children’s home Pocket Nook has been awarded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted following a recent inspection. The Bolton home, accredited by the National Autistic Society, provides residential care for up to five young people who have emotional and/or behavioural difficulties, a physical disability or a learning disability.

Pocket Nook is run by the Together Trust, a leading North West charity which along with specialist education, helps support people with disabilities, learning difficulties and complex health needs through fostering, community and residential care and autism support.

CMG Hosts 6th Unique Supportive Therapies Day

Animal Therapie

Care Management Group (CMG), a leading provider of residential care, supported living services and domiciliary care for people with learning disabilities in England, has hosted a unique Supportive Therapies event which is designed specifically for people living with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). The aim of the day is to stimulate interest, broaden opportunities and enhance social and emotional wellbeing.


NRS Healthcare releases accessibility guide to UK’s national parks


The 15 National Parks across the UK strive to create a more inclusive society for all and from 24th-30th July, they are celebrating National Parks Week with a focus on “Bringing people together”. In support of this, NRS Healthcare have released an Accessibility Guide to the UK’s National Parks which is free to download. 

If you’re living with mental health issues or a physical disability, visiting new places can often hold a lot of uncertainty and sometimes be an anxious experience. However, NRS Healthcare recognise that getting out and about is hugely important if you are differently abled in order to remain active and independent. 

Vulnerable adults being let down by poor social work practice

Vulnerable people are being forced into situations against their will because care providers are not going through the proper processes, the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman has found.

In a report published today, the Ombudsman highlights some of the very real concerns it has about the way some of the most vulnerable people in society are being treated when decisions are being made on behalf of people who lack mental capacity to choose how they are cared for.

Problems the Ombudsman sees include not carrying out - or delaying - assessments to determine whether someone has the capacity to make decisions for themselves, poor decision making when deciding on someone’s best interests, and not involving friends and families in the decision process.

Half of parents questioned say their child with disabilities does not feel comfortable taking part in sports as Variety calls for a ‘Level Playing Field’

  • Over a third (36%) of parents surveyed say a major barrier to their disabled child participating in sports is social stigma
  • Report reveals the scale and impact of children with disabilities unable to participate in sports, as the UK hosts the World Para Athletic Championships
  • Variety, the Children’s Charity, to launch a cross-industry and political consultation to answer ‘how to level the playing field’

London borough of Barnet signs up to PA consulting group’s award winning Argenti care technology partnership


The London Borough of Barnet has signed a contract with the PA Consulting Group-led Argenti Care Technology Partnership (Argenti) to deliver care technology services across the borough for up to five years from April 2017.  Argenti provides innovative telecare services to support vulnerable people so that they can stay in their own homes longer, reducing pressure on social care and hospitals. The contract in Barnet will bring together the best of the private and public sector to achieve better outcomes for service users and will support the increasing integration of health and social care across the borough.

VIDA Mobility Partners with Patron, introducing a new range of buggies to the UK & Ireland

VIDA Mobility Partners with Patron, introducing a new range of buggies to the UK & Ireland

VIDA Mobility have partnered with Patron Bohemia to add a new range of buggies to our growing portfolio of products.  Patron was established in 1994 in Prague and is a well-known and respected supplier for rehab buggies for children. 

Vida Mobility is delighted to have been selected as the exclusive distributor in UK and Ireland for the Corzo X Country, Tom Streeter and the Dixie Plus.

VIDA Mobility Partners with Patron, introducing a new range of buggies to the UK & Ireland

Corzo XCountry

What is the Process of Rehabilitation & Recovery for a Traumatic Brain Injury?

What is the Process of Rehabilitation & Recovery for a Traumatic Brain Injury?

The process of recovery from a traumatic brain injury varies from person to person depending on the exact nature of the injury and the specific needs of the affected individual. The ultimate outcome and how long rehabilitation will take can be hard to predict at the outset, but by following the right steps, significant improvement can often be achieved.


In this article we will address some of the most common questions asked by people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and their loved ones about the rehabilitation and recovery process.


How long does it take to recover from a traumatic brain injury?


Oh, oobee doo . . . everyone can be like zoo-oo!!


Blackpool Zoo has launched a brand new series of animal experiences, which include some aimed at children and adults with additional needs.

The half-day packages have been devised to ensure everyone can enjoy getting up close and personal with the really wild residents.

‘Wanna be’ keepers will shadow the zoo’s dedicated and caring staff in a thrilling three-hour session where they may mingle with monkeys, lounge with the lemurs and serve snacks to the pelicans and penguins.

The Junior Keeper Experience is available to children and young adults aged eight to 17, while the half-day experience is open to anyone over 18.

Kit Out My Office releases accessible office desk


Having a space to work from in your home or work place that you’re able to adjust to your position is necessary for everyone, yet individuals such as wheelchair users were traditionally unable to easily adjust their workspace to specifically meet their needs. This has typically been due to there been limited clearance for wheel chairs under office desks.

Kit Out My Office believes everyone should have the same opportunities, which is why they’ve released the React Height Adjustable Desk with anti-collision technology.

Who cares!? The benefits and opportunities of a career in care


A career in the care sector can be rewarding and offer the chance for personal and professional development. Professional care workers do an invaluable job of providing help and support to those in need of support. If you enjoy helping others and you’re looking for a diverse, flexible career with ongoing training and the chance for personal and professional growth, the care sector could be the perfect choice for you. Award-winning home care agency SweetTree Home Care Services reveals eight reasons why a career in care can be a good choice:

It’s rewarding on many levels